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We partner with the defiant. The determined.
The independent thinkers.

While these types of founders are rare, we're happy when we meet them. 

We invent and/or invest in market-creating or market-disrupting technology ventures. 
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Bringing a project to market is really hard. It requires domain expertise, uncommon talent, great execution, great timing, and a little luck. It also requires the ever-elusive great idea.
We partner early—sometimes when a company is no more than an idea. We know how to navigate the crucial early decisions to enable exponential influence on the curve of success.


Ideas we're committed to: 7
Ideas we've killed: 24

We're addicted to finding product-market fit

We practice an iterative & incremental data-centric approach in our toward validating market fit and timing. 

Step 1. 

The elusive big idea only accounts for 28% of a company's success. We want to work on the smartest unsolved problems, and ideally problems that attack incumbent strongholds.  

Step 2.

Timing is everything when creating a startup. Extensive research feeds the development of a minimum viable product and go-to-market strategy, which is rigorously tested within our design thinking framework to know if your consumers and the market are ready.

Step 3.

Math is hard. Building bottom-up economics early in a project is important. Operating by a model, testing a mild, and ultimately scaling against a financial model ends up being important. We've done this a lot and drive the early iteration of the math behind your idea. 

Step 4.

Getting funding is half the challenge, the other half is liking who you're getting into bed with. Through our networks of investors, we'll find great matches who share your vision.

Step 5.

Your company will continue to grow and scale independently, as we help build out your own team at various stages of your company's lifecycle.

We are direct.

Our style is not for everyone.

We push when we see potential. Starting something isn't easy. It requires domain expertise, uncommon talent, great execution, great timing, and a little luck.

We seek 
hungry overachievers with a deep-rooted need to win.

We put our years of iterating on and developing muscle memory in
rapidly validating, refining, financing and growing innovative technology ventures. 

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Spinouts and Investments

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Employers want better performance.
Employees want a better life.

CultureCare is helping leading organizations introduce a more human-centric workplace culture.  

Protecting innovation is essential. 

hogan offers innovative solutions for litigation financing to equalize access to the legal system.

Artificial Intelligence shouldn’t define or lead human need.

We believe the advancements across decision science & artificial neural networks can be used to lead technology into a human-centric future wherein AI supports human need.
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Better Data orchestration leads to higher quality interactions with humans. 

We thought it was time to build a operating system for revenue. We're testing the convergence of premium data sources with AI to help smart teams enable revenue automation earlier in their business lifecyle. 

Status: Step 2

Request for Startups

Risk is an inherent part of tackling market problems. Our venture process has de-risking and validation methodology built into it. We bring reason and process to help founders find meaningful data points to either kill or grow ideas into ventures.


We invest our money and other capital partners' resources in moving you through a rigid and proven process in bringing your venture to market.

Ideas we’re interested in launching through the lab or funding:

PERSONAL DATA / Data aggregation to review your personal data on the internet and remove such data.

PERSONAL DATA / Modern identity theft tools/pseudonym orchestration & tracking

PERSONAL DATA / Non tokenized decentralized or mesh network-enabled personal data storage and or communication systems

PERSONAL DATA / Consortium models to programmatically facilitate legal action against data incumbents around data liability and ownership.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE / Preemptive usage monitoring solutions for GPU clouds to be able to detect AI attacks or disinformation by utilization patterns

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE / Content provenance and authentication/AI participation detection

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE / Gamification within the human detection of disinformation and or AI produced content

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE / Developer tools and frameworks to improve detection of disinformation/synthetic media and or AI produced content or deep fakes

FRAMEWORKS / AP protocol type models to identify contributory 'futures'/betting markets using social and political trends

FRAMEWORKS / Who's building the next REACT or VUE.js framework?

FRAMEWORKS / Open-sourced design systems with tokenized coded components. 

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