Hello, it’s nice to meet us.

We work with entrepreneurs to turn the best ideas into market-defining, funded companies with rapid customer adoption.

Startup Studio

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market-defining, funded companies with
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How we do it

We're your co-founder. We research, design and build your product with you. We solve the toughest data and design problems, and navigate the way to finding strong & repeatable customer validation and growth. We bring deep experience in operations and raising millions of dollars in capital. We become invested in your success.

Competitive Research
Concept Validation
Cap Table Planning
Prototypes & System Design
ML/Data Science
Company Formation
Finance & Operations
Visual & UX Design
Patent(s) Strategy
Product Creation
Legal & HR
Step 1 - Ideation

The elusive big idea only accounts for 28% of a company's success. We want to work on unsolved problems a big market is experiencing. Vet your idea (or ours) closely with your market audience.

Step 2 - Validation

Timing is everything when creating a startup. Extensive research feeds the development of a minimum viable product and go-to-market strategy, which is rigorously tested for user experience to know if your consumers and the market are ready.

Step 3 - Revenue Planning

If all the checks are passed, we kick into high gear to go from prototype to corporation, bringing in exciting talent for revenue growth.

Step 4 - Fundraising

Getting funding is half the challenge, the other half is liking who you're getting into bed with. Through our networks of investors, we'll find great matches who share your vision.

Step 5 - Roll-Out

Your company will continue to grow and scale independently, as we help build out your own team at various stages of your company's lifecycle.

We’re in this together

Building a great startup is hard. Really hard.
It requires domain expertise, uncommon talent,
great execution, great timing, and a little

It also requires the ever-elusive great idea.
Our team has developed the playbook on how
to rapidly validate, refine, and build new

Our ecosystem is a passionate and powerful
network of CEOs, entrepreneurs, technologists,
designers, data scientists, marketing
thought-leaders, seasoned operators, and growth
experts. We rally around you and your team like
you’re family.

get in touch - hello@ftwlab.com

Research & Development
Launched or Private Beta

TARX is an A.I. API that was created to work really, really well along side humans. TARS aims to be user-friendly (combining fluid natural dialogue with common sense) while not seeking to re-create the cognitive limitations of human communication and reason. TARS is coming soon to publishing, & press, and learning dialogue for Q1 2022.


When individuals are wronged by companies or governing bodies, they often lack the resources, network, or know-how to bring the fight to these huge well-funded entities. Nottingham will bring together financial and legal resources to throw weight behind any underdog who wants to see justice.

Agribusiness Marketplace

With Earth's ever growing population, there lays a massive opportunity for tremendous global investment interests throughout the foodtech value chain as global agribusiness moves quickly to catch up with the eCommerce trends globally.

Automated News

We're working on providing publishers with NLP (Voice) and AI-driven data visualization tools to increase consumer consumption of editorial content while broadening publisher's monetization options.

Glassdoor for Humans

A privacy service that aggregates and cleans personal data. Through gamified community-authored, validated, rated, and scored personal data, the accuracy of a human's digital footprint can be democratically realized.

Video meets Hiring

Gen Z-dominates social media platforms. Colleges, businesses looking to recruit and gain access to this audience are going to need modern tools to do so.

Want to work with us?

Risk is an inherent part of tackling market problems. Our venture process has de-risking and validation methodology built into it. We bring reason and process to help founders find meaningful data points to either kill or grow ideas into ventures.

We invest our money and other capital partners' resources in moving you through a rigid and proven process in bringing your venture to market.

Get In Touch
Request for Startups

Ideas we’re interested in bringing through the studio or funding:

PERSONAL DATA / Data aggregation to review your personal data on the internet and remove such data.

PERSONAL DATA / Modern identity theft tools/pseudonym orchestration & tracking

PERSONAL DATA / Non tokenized decentralized or mesh network-enabled personal data storage and or communication systems

PERSONAL DATA / Consortium models to programmatically facilitate legal action against data incumbents around data liability and ownership.

ALL / Preemptive usage monitoring solutions for GPU clouds to be able to detect AI attacks or disinformation by utilization patterns

ALL / Content provenance and authentication/AI participation detection

ALL / Gamification within the human detection of disinformation and or AI produced content

ALL / Developer tools and frameworks to improve detection of disinformation/synthetic media and or AI produced content or deep fakes

FRAMEWORKS / AP protocol type models to identify contributory 'futures'/betting markets to identify social and political trends

FRAMEWORKS / Who's building the next REACT or VUE.js framework?