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We partner with the defiant. The determined.
The independent thinkers.

While these types of founders are rare, we're happy when we meet them. 

We invent and/or invest in market-creating or market-disrupting technology ventures. 
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We're addicted to finding product-market fit

We de-risk and validate ideas through a rigorous venture process, helping founders make informed decisions to achieve successful ventures.
The process of introducing a project to the market is an arduous task that demands a wealth of domain-specific knowledge, exceptional aptitude, meticulous execution, strategic timing, and a modicum of serendipity. Moreover, it hinges on the elusive quest for a truly exceptional concept.
We engage in early-stage partnerships, often with companies in their nascent idea phase. Our expertise lies in deftly navigating the pivotal initial choices, which can have an outsized impact on propelling the trajectory of success toward exponential growth.


Ideas we're committed to: 7
Ideas we've killed: 24

Step 1. 

The enigmatic notion of a breakthrough concept contributes merely 28% towards a company's triumph. Our objective is to focus on the most intelligent yet unresolved predicaments, preferably ones that challenge established dominions.

Step 2.

The timing of launching a startup is crucial. In order to formulate a successful minimum viable product and go-to-market strategy, in-depth research is imperative. Such a strategy is then put through rigorous testing within a design thinking framework to ascertain the readiness of both the market and the consumers.

Step 3.

The realm of mathematics can present challenges to even the most astute of minds. However, it is imperative to establish a foundation of bottom-up economics at the outset of any project. Employing a structured model, subjecting it to controlled experimentation, and eventually expanding it through rigorous financial modeling are all critical steps in the process. Our extensive experience in this domain enables us to lead the initial stages of the mathematical development of your concept.

Step 4.

Getting funding is half the challenge; the other half is liking whom you're getting into bed with. We'll be helpful in finding the right capital audience. 

Step 5.

As we endeavor to fortify your organization at each phase of its existence, your enterprise shall sustain and expand autonomously.

We are direct.

Our style is not for everyone.

When we discern possibility, we make a concerted effort towards it. Initiating a pursuit is no facile task; it demands specialized knowledge, rare aptitude, impeccable implementation, auspicious timing, and a modicum of serendipity.

We prefer to engage ambitious high performers who are unwaveringly and determined to emerge victorious.


Leveraging our extensive experience in continually fine-tuning, reinforcing, funding, and scaling novel technological endeavors, we have honed our expertise over the years.

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We're inviting visionaries to transform their concepts into market-ready ventures. If you're ready to navigate the complex market terrain and turn inherent risks into strategic opportunities, we want to hear from you.


Our venture process is more than a safety net; it's a launchpad. With our systematic validation methodology, we don't just de-risk ideas; we strengthen them, preparing you for a successful launch.


Join us, and you'll tap into a wealth of critical data points, guiding your decisions with clarity and precision. It's about making the right call—whether that's a go or no-go.


We're not just about ideas; we're about outcomes. With a time-tested approach, we're ready to channel capital and resources to help you hit your venture targets.


Submit your concept, and let's build the future together.

Ideas we’re interested in launching through the lab or funding:

Personal Data Projects:

  1. AI-Driven Personal Data Review & Removal: Harnessing advanced algorithms to search, review, and help users request the removal of their personal data from internet databases.

  2. AI-Enhanced Identity Protection: Deployment of AI to create sophisticated identity theft prevention tools, including pseudonym management and activity tracking.

  3. Decentralized Data Solutions: Exploring non-tokenized, AI-enabled decentralized or mesh networks for secure personal data storage and communication.

  4. Legal Action Consortium: Forming a consortium utilizing AI to programmatically support legal actions concerning data liability and ownership rights.


Artificial Intelligence Projects:

  1. GPU Cloud Monitoring: Developing AI systems for preemptive monitoring of GPU cloud usage to identify potential AI attacks or patterns indicative of disinformation campaigns.

  2. AI Content Authentication: Creating tools that utilize AI to verify content provenance and detect AI participation in content creation.

  3. Disinformation Detection Gamification: Incorporating AI into the development of gamified platforms that engage humans in the detection of disinformation and AI-generated content.

  4. Synthetic Media Detection Tools: Crafting developer tools and frameworks, with the help of AI, to improve the detection of disinformation, synthetic media, and deep fakes.


Frameworks Projects:

  1. Predictive Social Trend Protocols: Utilizing AI to develop AP protocol models that predict and identify impactful social and political trends for futures markets.

  2. Next-Gen Framework Incubation: Seeking innovators building the future of frameworks—AI-centric successors to REACT or VUE.js.

  3. Tokenized Open-Source Design: Pioneering open-sourced design systems integrated with AI, featuring tokenized, coded components for a new era of web development.

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